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VOSA approved ‘Laser’ NHD8000 Headlamp Aligner

Fully VOSA approved the NHD 8000 headlamp beam tester suitable for all types of conventional, halogen and Xenon headlamps. The “Dual Laser” Positioning System makes it possible to easily align the Optical Measuring Chamber to enable accurate and precise measurement of the Headlamp under test.

Special GEMS Price - £ 875.00 + vat

Price includes UK (mainland) delivery but does not include Calibration or Certification.

Part No. NHD8000-HGV

As above unit but with HGV/PSV VOSA Approved kit.

Special GEMS Price - £ 1,050.00 + vat

Laser Headlamp Aligner

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Additional product options

  • Installation, Calibration and Certification - £ 235.00 + vat
  • Calibration & Certification (you install) - £ 139.00 + vat
  • LUX Meter - £ 145.00 + vat

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